I have no filter.

I know a lot of people self-diagnose this but I genuinely have no filter. For Secret Santa one of my co-workers joked they might buy me a Brita filter if they drew me out the hat.

A lot of things may come out wrong, harsh, bitter, sarcastic, abrupt and sharp. 80% of the time that’s not even my intention and I don’t realise until someone alerts me afterwards or people suddenly go very, very quiet.

But I wouldn’t change my filterless brain/mouth connection for anything. It’s gotten me out of as many scrapes as it ever got me into.

This is a place to document all those conversations, quotes, debates, mistakes and all of those lines that fall out of my face and the faces of those around me. This is a look into somebody else’s life and the people who surround them. (And occasionally some lines I adore from film, TV & music.)

You have been warned.

(I’m keeping the sample picture, I love it.)