So, you know when you wake up and it just feels later than usual? Well I woke up this morning and was about to go back to sleep when I thought oh…. this feels weird. Checked the time…. my alarms hadn’t gone off and I’d actually woken up at the time I should have been leaving for work.

I managed to get ready in 20 minutes, left my room, shut the door behind me… locked myself out. My door has a lock on it and if the catch is down it locks as soon as it’s shut. I’d left my keys, car keys and bag in there. I’d just walked out with my coat and scarf.

Mom has a spare key so I messaged her and told these guys I was gonna be late. Mom has a million and one drawers in her room so checked all those and couldn’t find it. Thought might as well make my dinner for work now I’ve got time. Was still waiting half an hour later so thought I’d watch the end of a film I started last night.

When she STILL hadn’t checked her phone like two hours later I raided the room. I couldn’t even phone her at work because I have no idea what ward she works on and my phone battery was dying from checking my work emails on it.

So I found the key….. in a tiny drawer in the finger of an old glove surrounded by international plugs. Yeah. That’s where she thought it would be safest. It used to be attached to a blue purse but…. clearly that wasn’t good enough anymore. I’d already found the friggin’ purse so I’ve put it back there now.

The worst bit was she finally messaged me literally as I found the key.”

–  Me, explaining why I was two hours late to work on my last day before I break up for Christmas


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