Christmas Cards 2016 -#1

I should specify now that I hate writing cards of any description.

This might be in part down to my memory like a black hole (no sieves here). If you ask me for the birthday of any of my family members I will give you a random date in March, because March seems as good a month as any to guess from.

I mean I’m not stopping anyone from sending cards out if they enjoy it, just don’t expect one from me – especially if it’s your birthday. There’s also really no need to send one to me either but hey, if that’s what makes you happy!

However, just as I’m not forcing people to stop sending cards I don’t feel why they should be forcing me to send them. Something my mother still hasn’t come to terms with in the past 12 years.

And so I cordially invite you to join our annual card debates!! Which have kicked off nice and early this year…..


Me – “Well that was a day successfully spent doing nothing!”

Mom – “Can I get you to write some Christmas cards, then?”

Me – “…. I just said it was a successful day doing nothing, Mother. Don’t ruin this for me.”

Mom – “You’re not getting out of it.”


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